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Strategic Value

Understand how dynamics such as barriers to entry, regulatory requirements, economic impacts, and technological changes within your operating environment affect the value of your business.
Discover what the impacts of competition, market share, and product substitution are on your business value.
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Organizational Value Icon

Organizational Value

Review your company’s culture and internal communication, systems, and processes, and their impact on value.
The culture of your company, although intangible, can undermine progress or propel the company forward.
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Employee Value Icon

Employee Value

Evaluate the strength of your employees and management team and their effect on your business value.
If there is a disproportionate amount of revenue generation, client relationship management and leadership concentrated in one or two individuals, this could hurt the value of your business.
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Customer Value Icon

Customer Value

Appraise the health of your customer base.
Knowing how satisfied your customers are with your products and services will help you understand their loyalty, their purchasing patterns and their impact on your company’s value.
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Financial Value Icon

Financial Value

Revenue growth and profitability impact the value of your company.
Find out the impact on your business value of financial controls and a good budgeting process.
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Environment, Social, and Governance Value Icon

ESG Value

There is a growing recognition that Environmental, Social and Governance integration is a fundamental part of doing business.
Understand how the environmental, social, and governance programs your company has in place affects your business value.
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Vince M., nationally recognized CEPA, believes Quist Insights™ is a no-brainer, using it to double his revenue in 2020.

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Evelyn Logan uses Quist Insights as an end-to-end solution, rather than cobbling together three or four solutions that provide less valuable information and are cumbersome to manage.

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Marketing agency owner, Angela Fulcher, uses Quist Insights™ to establish key quantitative and qualitative assessments that help guide the growth of her business.

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Use the Quist Insights™ business valuation tool to understand your company.

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